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With the development of solar photovoltaic technology and progress , solar energy as a new , first applied in the civilian aspects of the lighting, solar lighting products due to the dual advantages of green energy . Solar LED lights is a new generation of green lighting products, its main components , including solar photovoltaic (PV technologies ) and semiconductor lighting (LED). Because LED solar lights integrated solar photovoltaic and LED solid-state lighting advantage of solar LED lighting system to achieve the perfect combination of new generation and new sources of energy . However, solar lighting design, involving light , solar systems, battery charge and discharge control many factors , any one part of a problem can cause product defects .
A first look at the composition of solar lamps :
The key solar photovoltaic technology can be combined with LED panel lights perfection lies both with direct current , low voltage and can match. Therefore, the combination of the two DC solar cell does not need to be converted to alternating current , thus greatly improving the efficiency of the entire lighting system. Meanwhile, aid and network technology or the use of battery charge and discharge energy to the more obvious advantages .
1 , solar panels
2 , Charge Controller
3, battery
4, a load
5 , shell lamps
Second, the design uses require attention: ( to LED lawn example)
1, the characteristics of the LED close to the regulator diodes , voltage variation 0,1 V, operating current may change around 20mA. For safety, use a series current limiting resistor under ordinary circumstances , a great energy loss is obviously not suitable for solar lawn lights , and LED brightness varies with operating voltage. Step-up circuit is a good idea, you can also use a simple constant current circuit , in short, must automatically limit , otherwise it will damage the LED bulb lights.
2 , the peak current of the LED generally 50 ~ 100mA, a reverse voltage of about 6V, careful not to exceed the limit , especially when the solar battery cell or the reverse load , high peak voltage booster circuit , it is likely to exceed this limit, damage LED.
3, LED temperature characteristics well, the temperature rise 5 ℃, flux decreased by 3% , the degree of use of the summer to pay attention .
4 , the working voltage discrete large, same model , same batch of LED operating voltage have some differences , not in parallel. Must be used in parallel, you should consider both streams.
5 super bright white LED highbay color temperature of 6400k ~ 30000k. Currently, low color temperature super bright white LED is still not entered the market, the penetration of solar lawn lights with super bright white LED manufacturing is relatively poor, so pay attention to the optical design .
Lot 6 , electrostatic effects on ultra- bright white LED flood lights, the installation must be anti-static facilities , workers have to wear an antistatic wrist. Electrostatic damage by ultra- bright white LED was probably not see with the eyes , but life will be shorter.
7, the system should pay attention to a combination of photosensitive sensors , solar lights require light control switch, some designers tend to use the photo resistors to automatically switch lights , solar cell itself is actually an excellent light-sensitive sensor , with it does photosensitive switches, better features than photoresistor . For the application of solar garden is not big, but for just using a 1,2 VNi-Cd batteries for solar lawn lights , solar cell element consists of four pieces of solar cells in series , the voltage is low, the lower voltage under low light , even days without black voltage has been below 0,7 V, causing light control switch failure. In this case , just add a direct-coupled amplification transistor , you can solve the problem.
8, according to the size of the battery voltage level control loads , solar lights consecutive rainy days tend to be very demanding maintenance time , which increases the cost of the system . Our continuous rainy days when the battery voltage drops to reduce the number of energy-saving lamps LED or access , or to reduce solar lamp lighting time per day , which reduces the cost of the system .
9 , flashing light changed , gradually dimming light energy is a good way , it can increase the effect of solar irradiation lawn , on the other hand can control by changing the duty cycle of the battery flashing average output current to extend the system to work on time, or under the same conditions , can reduce costs.
10 , three-color color energy efficient light switch speeds. This problem is very important, it even determines the service life of solar lawn , up to 10 to 20 times the starting current three-color color energy efficient lights activated, the system will result in a withstand voltage of a significant decline in such a large current circumstances , solar lawn will not start or repeated start , causing damage to the final 11 , is currently not able to use solar lighting on the main road . Main road illumination lighting with statutory requirements , the current of the solar cell conversion efficiency and price, not able to meet this requirement. But in the near future with the improvement of all aspects of technical standards , will be used in solar lighting on the main road .
12 , on the storage capacitor , solar battery life of more than 25 years, the life of ordinary batteries in 2 to 3 years, so the solar power battery is the weakest link in the system . Energy storage capacitor can solve this problem to some extent . Energy storage capacitor life can reach more than 10 years , and the control circuit is simple, but the high price limits its application is currently only used in some traffic lights and decorative lights on . With the improvement of technical standards , product prices fall , it will become one of the most promising solar cells supporting the ideal energy storage element .
In summary , the solar cell is a huge PN junction , which convert solar energy into electrical energy. LED spot lights is another can convert electrical energy into light the PN junction , its conversion efficiency has been improving , and believe it can achieve the level of energy-saving lamps , and life can be , but can reach more than 100,000 hours , this is the real meaning green light on . 

With more and more cases being reported on a daily basis, Identity theft is a mounting concern in the United States. From time to time, strange cases connecting to ID theft make the daily headlines. As the convenience brought about by computer and technology, most of our personal information has gone digital, and it has become an irresistible trend which sweep the whole traditional storage solutions we used before, while accordingly this trend is simple for unwavering criminals to use an assortment of techniques to dig up personal information via different mediums.

One way is through an unsecured Wi-Fi connection, another is through extracting your personal information through unsecured servers. Finally, a dissimilar means of extracting personal data is through lost or stolen portable data storage devices, such as portable Hard-drives and USB flash drives. Due to their portability, such gadgets are prone to being lost easily and most citizens have some types of files on their portable drives that can give some leads to their identity. Sadly, this latter means of stealing personal information is perchance the most overlooked by the general public and folks do little to secure their files on their USB flash drives. Providentially, there's an app that lets you protect your private folders on your USB storage device, this app is known as USB Secure. USB Secure install directly into portable hard drives which mean that it is well-suited with all types of portable media, including: memory sticks, compact flash cards, thumb drives and portable hard drives.

USB secure is superlative for anybody who deals with sensitive data on a steady basis and needs to carry clandestine data in portable drives. Such as doctors, who need to review patient data, lawyers who often times need to work from home, or real-estate agents who frequently need to review personal information on new home buyers. Thankfully, this application is available for sale to the general public and anyone can download it and try it for free. Finally, the software enables you to save owner details on your portable drive, so in case your USB device is lost, he or she can get in touch with you, using that information.

With the USB security, you can freely store or backup your private and confidential data and information into the portable storage device and take them anytime and anywhere. Since this software can support you with effective password protection of USB by locking file and folder in it. Its main feature of USB copy protection will prevent and avoid potential treats of loss caused by stolen or missing USB.

When the Internet has become one dispensable part of our daily life, cyber bullying has been considered as one of the major crime these days, which means criminal threatens the public via internet or other electronic means. With the rapid development of the internet technology, many cyber bullying crimes happened or happening can be heard or reported in the TV or in our daily life. Cyber bullying will have many bad influences on the children’s healthy development, and what’s worse; the cyber bullying may well extend into the real life which will seriously affect children’s personal security. Hence preventing cyber bullying has become a necessity these days to create a crime free society.

If someone is threatening to your child through internet, it is the prime responsibility of parents to take strict action against the criminal. It seems as a general problem initially but can be quite harmful at the later phase because the child may become mentally depressed afterwards. In order to provide the lock folders sorts of safety and security to your child you should become well aware about different types of cyber bullying and methods to handle the crimes effectively. Following things must be kept in mind while handling the crime like cyber bullying.

Before gifting a laptop to your child, you should teach the techniques and methods to use them effectively. Since the children are unaware about different types of abuses and negative effects associated with such electronic medium, it becomes important to discuss these things with your child for preventing cyber bullying crimes. If your child is getting bully over internet at a regular fashion, it can be a good idea to become a support for your little youngster. This might be quite helpful to increase the self confidence of the toddler.

Your children should be reminded that the suspicious links or popup box of advertisement are always the dangerous traps which should not be clicked on. While there is a problem you mustn’t forget, children’s ability of discerning is always too weak to correctly distinguish the good from bad, that’s to say, they are likely to make wrong judgment in clicking on the safe links. In order to tackle this problem, parents should add another secure measure for children’s online safety. You can utilize the screen monitoring software to help you to monitor children’s computer, so that you can keep track of your kids’ online safety in real time, and once there is a potential threaten happening during period of your kids’ browsing and chatting, you can alert your kids or take actions to prevent the further development as early as possible.

Computer technology and the Internet have built second world for people, all people can communicate in this world, while this world enables paedophiles to locate and interact with other paedophiles more readily than ever before.

Child predators have formed an online community. They are openly uniting against legal authorities and discussing ways to influence public thinking and legislation on child exploitation. A group of admitted pedophiles’ has even developed their creed. While pedophiles Websites are being tracked down and removed from Internet servers in countries all over the world, they are still easily finding ways to post Websites, forums and chat rooms... The advancement of Internet technology allows pedophiles to exchange information about children in an organized forum. They are able to meet in "online chat rooms" and educate each other. These online discussions include sharing schemes about how to meet, attract, and exploit children, -- and how to lure the parents of their victims into a false sense of security about their presence within the sanctity of the family structure. It has become an online "How To" seminar in pedophilia activities.

The larger the sense of community and support that is offered, the bolder pedophiles have become in their graphic descriptions of sex with and exploitation of children. The added comfort of email addresses and surfing is helping pedophiles literally "hide in the open"! They appear to be feeling safe enough in their nicknames to openly relate (and brag about) their stories of child exploitation.

keylogger software is a useful tool which helps parents to save your children from pedophile by monitoring their activities. Spy computer software operates absolutely in secret mode and captures the internet data. All you have to do is to install the software once, and stealth software will be monitoring your PC in total secret stealth mode and sends you the reports to your email address.

This software captures every email send and received on your computer. It captures full details of all emails including date, time email subject, body of email, sender email address, receiver email address and the user who sends it.

It is recommended for parents to monitor their kids particularly their web browsing and internet surfing software. Stealth software continuously monitors every web page browsed on the computer and makes a chronological record of all visited URLs, users, date and time. As Parental control software it reveals all the activities of your child especially their internet activities.

This best keylogger captures programs running on your computer. As monitoring software, it captures all internet files and other internet stuff. This shows all this to you without knowing to your kids.

Stealth software is good for spouses. The stealth software captures every instant message and chatting message send via yahoo, MSN and other chatting messengers. As spouse monitoring software, it captures chatting IDs with date, time and full details of messages on both sided for you.

Since we are in a science and technology dominant age, we use science and technology products to replace traditional tools and even human harbor to help our human beings to finish works. For example, companies nowadays utilize computer and network as official tools to store, transfer information to people inside or outside the company. In this case, there is a problem around all administrators, for employees have rights to access and view data and information about company, they are responsible to get and store those important and even confidential data, while they always lack the awareness of crisis of data leakage. That’s to say, employees possibly loss your company’s confidential data and information in the process of transmission, some even will let the data fall into wrong hand carelessly or intentionally. In order to ensure complete security, you have to monitor everything with an eagle's eye. As a part of the security services, you should monitor employees' computers including the database server, web server, operating system, email services and many more. These are critical systems that are necessary for the proper functioning of the website and also the growth of the business. There are a number of tools that are available in the market today to help you with this endeavor. Server security is not a child's play. It is not a concept that can be easily learnt by everyone. It takes years of experience to perfect the art of providing optimal security services. Therefore, the ideal option if you want to ensure the best for your company is to outsource server support and security. Companies that specialize in this field will have a clear knowledge of the possible flaws and the relevant security measures that can be taken to overcome them. The proactive measures adopted and suggested by the dedicated server support and security companies can offer optimal protection to the information on the server and safeguard the reputation of your business. Monitor access of organization employees to sensitive files - Just since your employees have access to the data which doesn't mean they have rights to do everything as they like. Monitoring their behaviors on sensitive data is the best way to spot any unusual pattern and can give you time to act and stop any potential data leakage. Limit size of data transferred to USB drives- relevant restriction software can be used to protect sensitive files by capping the sizes of files that may be copied to a USB Flash Drive. The file size limit simply wants to be set to the size of the smallest sensitive files. Gone are the days when you would need to hire expensive IT security consultants to manually monitor every single employee in real time. If you're a small or medium sized business owner, you simply can't afford that kind of expense, yet you need to start monitoring employees' internet usage to minimize the risk to your business for any one of the above scenarios from happening. So thankfully there are cost effective software solutions that can replicate what an expensive IT security consultancy would do for you in terms of monitoring employees' internet and computer usage.

USB security is not only a matter that every single person should consider any longer, but every enterprise and organization should also take it seriously. As the development of portable and mass storage, groups as well as individuals are all advocating the usage of portable storage devices for data backup and transmission, therefore, USB copy protection is accordingly carried to the table. Password protecting USB flash dives will reduce the potential unnecessarily treats and loss caused by confidential and proprietary data leakage. A strong password can give a flash drive a good base level of security but USB encryption adds a whole new level of security. The fact is that passwords are discovered and the outcome is that information is then available to unauthorized users. USB encryption however prevents the data from being accessed even if the password is compromised. Without the proper encryption code the data will not be accessible, transmittable or exploitable. Drives using USB encryption protect valuable personal and business data during transmission. If a company utilizes mobile data then USB encryption is essential to protect data. When data is accessed an attempt may be made to intercept the data and gain access. USB encryption will prevent the interceptor from gaining access and exploiting the data being transmitted. Interception can be passive in the fact the hacker can be unseen and hidden from the user. When a drive with USB encryption is implemented it will make no difference if the illegal access is passive or if active possession of the drive has been gained. Access to data will be denied to the unauthorized user. The use of drives with a strong authentication process are important and when used in conjunction with USB encryption locks down data in an electronic fortress. Those that would attempt to gain access will be disappointed. Companies utilizing sensitive and confidential data must implement the use of USB encryption to show due diligence to their customers. People today expect companies and institutions to act responsibly with personal and confidential data. Drives not using advanced USB encryption are an open invitation to hackers and thieves to take as much of the data as they want. This would be unacceptable to a company when the technology is available to secure their data. A great USB encryption offers the most advanced algorithm available on the market today. 128 bit USB encryption has proven to be the most secure software for protecting important and confidential data. A fight against illegal access to sensitive information must include advanced technology. Drives that feature the most advanced USB encryption software will eliminate the risk of unauthorized access to data and virtually eliminate the risk of data compromise.